My Raytracing Gallery

This is a quick and dirty page, which I'll hopefully clean up in the future. It's a gallery of scenes I've created and rendered using POV-Ray, a free and fairly amazing raytracer. If you're unfamiliar with raytracing, check out the Internet Ray Tracing Competition to see what sorts of things are possible. My work barely scratches the surface.

All images and source are © 2002 Robert Voegerl. You are free to use these works as you see fit as long as you (a) don't charge a fee of any kind, (b) credit the creator and (c) make freely available any modifications to the pov source. You can contact the author by sending mail to:

Now, the gallery:

Description Image(s) Source
The elevator, shaft and hallways for a friend's remake of the Epyx classic video game, Impossible Mission. See the Improbable Mission website for more information.
This is a work in progress
A closeup of the elevator 66K 1600x1200 jpeg elevator.pov
Elevator, shaft and two hallways 36K 1600x1200 jpeg
Some jacks and a ball, on a tiled floor, from their level, with nothing else but a sunset visible. This started as an experiment with modelling using primitives, but turned into something fairly cool. Note that the tiled surface isn't modelled as anything but a plane, just some clever texturing. jacks.jpg 88K 1600x1200 jpeg jacks.pov
A stereogram > 500K total. Find some way to focus one eye on each image for a good 3D effect. (Crossing my eyes works for me)
A ringed planet, its gaseous moon, the Enterprise E and some unlikely orbital mechanics
The Enterprise E model is borrowed, and I don't recall from whom. (I know, very naughty.) If this is your model, let me know so I can give you credit!
otherworld.jpg 200K 1600x1200 jpeg otherworld.pov
Enterprise model not included

Except where noted, all modelling was done by hand and/or math, using POV-Ray primitives.