Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why didn't anyone tell me that Eureka had started its new season two weeks ago? At least I only missed one episode.

But that's not really why I'm updating. This is basically an uninspired recap of the summer so far.

Rehabilitation from my injury proceeds. I've had 7 weeks of physical therapy (one to go), and I can almost lift my body weight with the bad ankle. I can walk pretty well, but volleyball is still out. I had my last scheduled appointment with the orthopaedic specialist today and he said that it looked good, but that I should wait until 6 months from the repair before treating it like normal, so that's two more months.

I did, in fact, miss the concerts, which is teh sukc; but, I made it to the Coca-Cola 600 (and walked my ass off only a week after being unshackled from das boot). So, the spring wasn't a total loss.

When it rains, it pours. In addition to the medical bills piling up, the car needed brakes, tires, and regular maintenance in the past two months. Total: $1500. And Juliet has an infection in her gums, which is causing problems with her eye and threatens to spread to her internal organs. Since you can't simply clean a cat's teeth while she's awake, there's anaesthesia and all the affiliated preliminary crap. About: $400.

I's broke.

Comment by KJToo

I'm pretty sure I've got your missing episode on my TiVo; I haven't started watching the new season yet.

Comment by blob

Speaking of being up to 1999, um, do you have a VCR? Could you transfer said episode for me?

Comment by KJToo

I don't like to talk about my VCR, but I do have one. See, my old VCR died several years ago and I bought a replacement. Like an idiot, I assumed that every VCR on the market after the turn of the century would be wired for stereophonic sound. Incorrect! My cheapass VCR is monaural. I can record stuff off the TiVo, but it's all mono.

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