Tuesday, December 27, 2005
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Now, this blog here has a readership of about three. And I may have chased them off with the very sporadic updates.

Furthermore, it's a custom-written blog, so unless I used some very common post variable names (and admittedly, I may have), to spam it you'd have to either write additional code or post manually.

Given the cost-benefit ratio, why the fuck would anyone spam my comments?

And yet they do, to the tune of 10 a week, or so, starting a few weeks ago. I put in some IP logging to see if it was just one certain corner of the internets I could cordon off, but no. Look at this list from the past few days:

If your address is on this list, you should either be ashamed of yourself or improving your antivirus/firewall protection.

Perhaps I'll change the script a bit, to see which it is: manual or custom-coded.

In other news, I got the Frontalot gig. It was, however, a much larger job than I was expecting, so I'm one of four guys on the task, and the one given the challenge of project lead. I'm having a hell of a time getting the project plan done, but I really, really don't want to let the MC down.

Not least because he done sent me some phat lewt in the form of a dope T-shirt and his new CD.

Comment by KJToo

I'm pretty sure none of those Izzle Pizzle Addrizzles are mine, which makes me happy.

Congrats on the MC Frontalot coding gig. Well played.

You may not update often, but I still reads 'em all!

"You ask for a miracle, I give you the Are... Ess... Ess."

Comment by blob

Oh. My. God. They're doing it manually. I changed the script and they're still arriving. And they're specifically targeting that one post. Fuckin' weird.

Comment by KJToo

How rude!

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