Friday, August 31, 2007

One of my favorite long-running threads on the KJToo Forum has been the Haiku Thread. I've always been a big fan of the Haiku, as adapted for English; I find condensing my thoughts into so few syllables to be a wonderful challenge and I like to think I occasionally even express those thoughts well.

I undertook the challenge of writing a Haiku each day for all of August. A few times I was stuck but managed to pull off a meaningless poem. One day, my schedule got hosed and I posted a few minutes after midnight the next day. I'm not calling that a failure, though, for two reasons. One, the KJToo post clock is hosed anyway and Two, I hadn't slept yet, so it was still that day for me.

I'm considering keeping it going, but over here. I'm not going to promise a Haiku per day, but that will be my aim. This blog will likely have a lot of (even more) meaningless posts soon. Some will be funny, many will be stupid, a few will be syntactically challenged, an irrational number will have some awkward wording, but hopefully, just hopefully, one or two will be poignant.

I've collected a few of the highlights from the thread for this post. Enjoy!

The green blades of grass
The stark concrete skyscrapers
I seek harmony
As the skies darken
Lightning flashes, thunder cracks
Terrible beauty
Translucent pastels
Highlighted in sky and cloud
Thunderstorm sunset
This yearning to procreate
Let's bump some uglies
An arc of color
stretched across the rain-drenched sky
No pot of gold found
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