Friday, August 31, 2007

Wherein I continue to put way too much effort into this little blog.

So, I have decided to join Twitter. Not so much because I intend to use it with great frequency, but more because I was hoping that its interface would let me follow my friends' twitter conversations more easily. (It does, but only marginally) I have now had 50 attempts to post a tweet fail unceremoniously on the Twitter site today (literally; I was trying to post something to the effect of '3/x posts successful; that's not too bad', increasing x with each failure), so I'm not enjoying it a whole lot right now. Is there a better way to post tweets?

As such, I wanted to put a "recent tweets" bit on the ol' main page just so's I could keep track of them, be reminded to tweet, and let people know that I'm there. And since I was going to put that on the right side of the screen, I might as well put up the recent comments as well, so you (read: I) can see at a glance if there's any scintillating wit that requires your (my) attention.

And, as long as I had the guts out, I might as well make a few more changes. First, you can now add your own website address when you comment. Your name in your comment will link people back to you. Second, and more importantly, if you use the "remember me" cookie, you will now only have to defeat the captcha once. Hopefully that won't lead to abuse, but if it does, I have a solution in mind.

And that's it for the Ch-ch-changes. Let me know if you see any rendering weirdness with the new right sidebar or any bugs and I'll try to straighten them out. Unless you're using Internet Explorer.

Comment by Wesley

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I'm sorry, I had to do it, so you'd have to say your captcha failed to block a spam.

Anyway, as far as twitter goes, yeah it sucks sometimes. It seems to fail on me a lot when I post a url. I wonder if adding the "/" confused it as well.

I gotta say, I have over 99% success when I just post some text.

The thing that works for me with twitter is that it's more like a chat room with a log than it is a blog. It's much easier to say "Oh my god this coffee's good" on Twitter than it is to blog about the coffee fields of Columbia.

Comment by blob
I anticipated abuse, as I mentioned above. I just assumed it would come from random assholes, not specific ones. :P
Comment by Kris Johnson

Ha! Wesley's an asshole!

What? You implied it, I just have the balls to say it!

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