Thursday, November 3, 2005
NaNoWriMo >

The writing goes well, so far. After two days, I had 5077 words. That puts me more than a day ahead! And the words I have written are flowing so much more easily than last year. Actually concocting a few elements of plot beforehand seems to have seriously helped. Although, I'm also glad that I didn't outline a rigidish structure. I had two epiphanies yesterday that filled in some gaps and are practically writing the book for me.

Not content with my newfound writing skills, I also decided to make my own progress indicator. Over there on the left is an image I create dynamically using the php gd library. It's all customizable, so you can change the icon and the offsets and the borders and the colors. If you'd like to mess with it, you can find the php code here: nano.phps and nanofuncs.phps. Feel free to use, share, and modify.

And one final NaNo note, there's the weekly gathering at Panera Bread at 480/Tiedeman tonight. I'm pretty excited about this one.

If you want to read the work in progress, it's right here: unchained.pdf. Feel free to peruse, but be aware that this is a rough first draft. Major plot elements are subject to change. I will also not be accepting any literary criticism until December.

Comment by KJToo
You couldn't just add a graphic and manually update the word count, could you? Oh, no, you've got to have your widget count the words for you. Showoff. I'm totally stealing this thing. Maybe not today. Maybe not the whole thing. But someday, and part of it. I'm stealing. Stealstealsteal.
Comment by blob

I always have been a bit of a showoff when it comes to codex0ring. Sorry about that. :)

It should be noted that you will need the gd libraries and php modules installed. You will also need the wordcount program (wc) in your path.

You cannot steal what I have given freely.

Comment by Anonymous

Wordcount is working like a champ. Alas, midPhase doesn't have the GD Freetype libraries installed, so I'm not able to actually generate the whole image. That's teh p00p.

Comment by KJToo
Codeshaman wrote a little script that utilizes the NaNoWriMo API to grab your wordcount from the NaNo site. Check it out. Also, that was me commenting anonymously up there (duh!). I deleted cookies on this machine and your site forgot about me. I was saddened, because we've been through so much together.
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